providing contemporary african furniture, accessories & homeware to homes & hospitality establishments across the continent

At CasaNyumba we supply our own range of furniture & accessories as well as custom pieces to clients all across Africa from individual homeowners to large corporates. CasaNyumba is agile enough to meet delivery times, supply large quantities on demand as well as provide on-site support for installations all while exceeding customer expectations.
CasaNyumba presents a true identity to contemporary African décor by fusing cutting-edge, avant-garde designs with the comfort and homeliness of the continent's traditions and culture. The result of this fusion can be considered décor timepieces of the African renaissance. Reupholstery & refurbishment, and décor & design form part of our service offering.

Casa: noun |cá.šã| /kā-sā/
languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (from Latin meaning cottage)
meaning: dwelling, house, home

Nyumba: noun |nyōō| /nyú-mbå/
languages: kiSwahili, Chichewa, Chinyanja (spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique)
meaning: dwelling, house, home (also nyumbani)


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